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things to remember about packing when you take a city breakholiday

Jetting off on that dream city break often means we forget the practical realities of packing our luggage. Last minute packing usually leads to mistakes and packing too much. Here are some ideas to avoid the hassles. If you are flying on a short city break, aim to pack only what can fit into an overhead compartment.

It will save you masses of time when you land. And if you plan to do some shopping, back a tiny collapsible bag that can travel in the hull on the way back as it doesn't matter how long it takes to get the baggage when you have landed back home. Shop for the items you need several days before your trip to avoid last minute convenience buying.

Planning these things well could even help you pay for your holiday faster if you hunt out bargains and discount offers on your favourite toiletries or on a new outfit for your break away. Collecting a few hotel freebies like shampoo bottles is a good thing as you can empty them out when you come home and refill them with your favourite shampoo and conditioner for the next time when you go travel again, saving you lots of baggage space. Take with you a basic emergency kit with plasters, headache tables, indigestion tablets sunburn cream, insect repellents and so on as these things could cost quite a lot locally. If you have to put your baggage in the hull of the plane, make sure that everybody pack a full change of clothes in their hand luggage, like socks, underwear, trousers or skirt and a shirt. If there are delays on your return trip, for any reason, it is reassuring to know that you will at least have fresh undergarments to wear! Pack clothes that can be combines with each other so that you don't need a full set for each and every day. But make sure to pack enough as hotel dry-cleaning is costly and spare change of clothes just in case is always a good idea.

Having a ready packed toiletry bag, stocked with the essentials is always a good idea. By having it ready you will reduce the likelihood of forgetting something important like your toothbrush! Although, for space saving, packing the near empty toothpaste tube is also a good idea as you can leave it in the hotel when the holiday is over and you then have some room for a bottle of your favourite tax free perfume. Your city break holiday is always going to be an exciting break full of entertainment and fun. But make sure to give it the best start possible by planning your packing and preparing your stuff in advance.

There are other tips on space saving packing as well that I could have covered, but the most important thing of all when packing your baggage is to prepare for it well in advance so that you don't have to waste valuable break time looking for a pharmacy or a clothes shop because you forgot deodorant or underwear! .

By: Jon Andersen

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