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The Top Ways To Save Money At RV Parks And Campgrounds

RV parks and campgrounds are a necessary part of traveling for most RVers, especially those that travel on a full-time basis. They are a little oasis in an unfamiliar area, and can provide the necessary hookups to let you enjoy many of the comforts of home during your temporary stay. There are plenty of choices to be had when selecting an overnight stay though, and here are the top 5 ways to save money at RV parks and campgrounds:.

1. Arrange for a longer stay at the same place. Many parks and campgrounds have daily rates that are higher than they are if you agree to a multi-night stay instead.

Obviously, it benefits the RV park if you stay more than just one night, so they offer incentives to get visitors to do just that. If you plan on being in a particular area for a few days anyway, why not take advantage of any lowered multi-night rates that the campground has to offer?.2. Join an RV club where the members can often get a discount off the daily rate almost anywhere across the country.

For instance, Good Sam Club members can usually get around a %10 discount on most overnight rates across the nation. You may also be able to get the added benefit of receiving discounts on other supplies and facilities at these campgrounds because of being a member too.3. Use less hookups where you stay. Many campgrounds include all hookups in one standard nightly rate, but some charge only a base rate and then charge separately for additional hookup options.

If you are watching your pennies for any reason, these parks can be a great place to save a few dollars by just using minimal hookups during your stay there.4. Stay at campgrounds that are off the beaten path. If you stay at an RV park or campground that is in close proximity to a major highway you will most likely pay more for that option. By doing a little advance research you may be able to find a suitable campground that is more rural and still has the features that you want.

Usually the daily rate will be much less at these kind of parks.5. Some parks have lots that have no hookups at all. These spots are basically just places to park your motorhome overnight and you won't have all the comforts and amenities other than those that your RV provides on it's own, but you can realize significant savings by taking advantage of these low-cost park lots for a few days at a time anyway.There are lots of places to stay as you travel on the open road, and if you keep your eyes open, you can find plenty of ways to keep your RV park and campground costs very low as you do.

.Jim Johnson writes on many consumer related topics including motorhomes. You can find out more about rv parks and rv campgrounds by visiting our Motorhomes Review website.

By: Jim Johnson

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