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The Remedy For Stress Is In Japan

An onsen is a natural, mineral rich hot spring. Most Japanese go to the onsen to infuse away their aches and pains or just to get away and relax. This is a century old tradition of Japan that shows no sign of abating. In fact, it is probably more popular than ever.This activity plays a significant role to Japanese culture because it provides socially institutionalized relief from the pressures of the current Japanese twelve-hour work ethic.

There is danger and possibility for Japanese to break down the hierarchal nature of society through the mutual bareness of skin ship.Onsen water could be volcanic spring in origin. The water is often considered to have healing powers according to its mineral properties. Onsens often have several different baths, each augmented by the addition of different minerals or the composition of the tub.The most important features of the onsen is the water and the bathing facilities, which is why many Japanese bathers simply come for an hour or so to indulge themselves in the waters.Onsen is a place where Japanese can really relax.

Even though the baths are typically built, it is peaceful and disrupted only by sighs or mumbles of satisfaction. For Japanese, the onsen is the diametric opposite of the normal, day-to-day hectic hours of each individual.Japanese bathers never wear their towel, they consider dipping towels in the Onsen water as a very bad manner. The towel is to be used to cover your private parts and then folded and placed on top of your head or wrapped around your neck making sure it does not enter the water.Most onsens are simple open-air pools near rolling rivers, little rickety huts on lonely mountains, gorgeous traditional inns or modern sprawling complexes.

Some onsen are free for the public to use. There are also private onsen that cost about a hundred yen. Some hotels or pension houses also lend their onsen for costumers.

They are available for lending in about 24 hours a day.The water has many different chemical compositions depending on each location. Every onsen can cure different kinds of illness and diseases. The owner makes it aware by giving their customers a list of what ailments the Onsen water can cure. Many people swear that the healing properties of onsen are very effective indeed.

Some prefer to go for a bath while others prefer drinking onsen. Remember before you drink it be sure to check if the water is supposed to be drunk, because some onsen are for bath in only.Most onsens in Japan have separate bath areas for the male and female. Still many onsens are open for all gender.

Sometimes it requires bathing suits and other do not.If you happen to come to Japan and want to stop by and try bathing or drinking in Onsen water, here are several different places where onsen is popular to deliver excellent results.Kanagawa Prefecture boasts the spectacular Hakone area. It has a beautiful view of Mt.

Fuji, other lofty peaks, deep valleys, clear streams and some of the finest onsen.Hokkaido possesses three primary volcanic mountain groups. Consequently, more than two hundred hot springs are throughout the prefecture.

Some of its most famous hot spring resorts are in Noboribetsu, Toya, Shikotsu, Jozankei, Yunokawa, Kawayu, Akan and SounkyoSounkyu.Aomori is a paradise for onsen - lovers. Throughout the prefecture, hidden away in mountain valleys or nestled among the shops and offices of a city streets, there are hot springs of every shape, size and style.One of the most common problem that you will encountered is some onsens do not allow people that have tattoos to bathe. Many young Americans teaching English in Japan miss out because they have tattoos.

Copyright2006 Craig Desorcy.

.Craig Desorcy is an American living and working in Japan for ten years.

To read more about Japan from a foreigner's perspective please visit http://www.blogitjapan.com This article may be freely reprinted as long as this resource box is included and all links stay intact as hyperlinks.

Craig Desorcy can be reached at http://www.blogitjapan.com/contact/ Copyright2006 Craig Desorcy.

By: Craig Desorcy

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