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Moving to Spain Is Spain the One Best Place in the World to Live

If you are planning to be moving to Spain, you should congratulate yourself on your decision..There is no doubt that Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With regional terrain that ranges from mountainous peaks to rolling valleys and glorious coastlines, Spain has something to offer nearly everyone interested in vacationing abroad and even more to those who are interested in Moving to Spain.If you're considering a move to Europe and are torn about which country to be living in, there are a number of reasons that you should consider Moving to Spain:.

The Weather.With few locations that get colder than 10 degrees centigrade even in the winter and fewer that get any warmer than 35 degrees centigrade in the summer months; Spain has one of the most perfect climates imaginable for living. Do you like the light of the sun? Several of the costal locations get over three hundred days of sunshine each year and maintain a climate that allows for nearly year-round swimming and water sports.

The comfort of the climate is a strong argument for moving to Spain and living there.The Culture.The Spanish are a generally laid back, fun-loving people. Several times a year there are major festivals that serve as prime excuses for drinking, dancing, musical celebration, and general merriment.

It's been said that it is nearly impossible to have anything but a good time when vacationing in Spain. Now, imagine how good it is to be living in Spain.The Spanish tend to be open and friendly to tourists and their culture offers something for everyone. Spanish cuisine is a taste treat, Spanish music has influenced popular music from all over the world, and Spanish history is, in many ways, a big piece of the history of the world.

This is especially true of the United States, since so much of America was at one time Spanish territory and the Latin influence is increasing rapidly.The Festivals.If there is one thing that the Spanish know how to do, it is celebrate.

Major festivals take place in different parts of the country all around the year. Of course, the famous Spanish festivals and fiestas are famous for a reason and Americans who get to experience the festivities of Carnival or the Running of the bulls for Sanfermines, in the Northern city of Pamplona. This week-long feria also includes the wearing of red and white raditional garb by the locals and massive amounts of wine Consumption. Always count yourself to be lucky for choosing to be living in Spain during such events.One of the more interesting fiestas is the August celebration of La Tomatina, the "Tomato Festival." Taking place in Bunyol, near Valencia, the celebration of La Tomatina begins the last week of August with the main event, a massive "tomato battle" happening on that Wednesday.

The tomato battle is exactly what its name implies; a fight in which the participants (typically everyone in town, locals and visiting tourists alike) throw tomatoes at one another.The Food.Spanish cuisine, as mentioned earlier, is simply delicious. Whether you're dining on paella in the finest restaurant in Madrid or simply enjoying a traditional breakfast of churros y chocolate in a quaint Pamplona bar, a vacation in Spain will do your taste buds a favor. The less adventurous can rest assured that Spain offers modern American fare as well, with hamburgers and fries gracing several menus and McDonald's and Burger King restaurants available in several Spanish cities and towns.

Of course, no visit to Spain is complete without sampling as much wine as possible. The Spanish love their wine, are proud of it, and celebrate it. France may be better known for wine, but Spain produces far more. The main difference may be that, while the French savor their wine and bottle it away to be admired from afar, the Spanish drink theirs.

A lot. Wine and other alcoholic beverages Are cheaper in Spain than anywhere else in Europe.The Simplicity.Spain is a very easy nation to visit and immigrate. For European Union passport holders there is no need to obtain a visa and US and Canadian citizens only need apply for a visa if they'll be in the country for more than ninety days. Most travel agencies offer attractive packages that combine the costs of airfare and hotel accommodations in the major cities of Madrid and Barcelona, making a vacation in Spain quite affordable compare to other European destinations.

.Ofer Shoshani has been working for the last 5 years as a professional journalist, writing about finance, economy, travel and people. The Spanish / Latin culture soon became one of his favorite ones and for some years he lived and wrote from Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, USA, Israel, India & Thailand.
His book Siesta time: A new horizon for humanity is about to be published soon.

Currently he writes for bespanish.

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By: Ofer Shoshani

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