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Make Prince Edward Island Your Next Vacation Halt

Prince Edward Island, the smallest province of Canada (both in size and populace) is surrounded by water bodies ? the Northumberland Strait on the south and west and the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the north and east. The marvelous scenic beauty of this crescent shaped marine province ? the sandy beaches, in parts red (due to presence of iron oxide) and in parts white, the shifting dunes, the gently sloping hills, the coves and the marinas ? have all augmented the significance of the Island as a vacation resort manifold times.The superb climate of the region ? mild winters, breezy and modest summers and a cool spring in conjunction with the appetizing food of the province spice up the vacationers' period of stay at the Island. To further boost the already booming tourism industry, Prince Edward Island is aided by organized efforts of the Islanders and the provincial government.Attractions and Activities:
The provincial capital and largest city is Charlottetown, which hosts the famous Charlottetown Summer Festival.

Next in order of importance are Summerside, Stratford and Cornwall. Prince Edward Island's villages are the perfect setting for fictions and non-fictions. Characterized by the contrasted forces of serenity and vitality, the villages enhance the charm of this popular tourist destination.

The "must-sees" on a vacation halt at PEI should cover the Prince Edward Island National Park, the Green Gables, the amazing golf courses, the Kensington Railway Station and other innumerable attractions.As regards activities, a trip to Prince Edward Island offers jam-packed leisure pursuits ? beach activities, water sports, turf activities, cultural events, et al. The wide varieties of fishes like lobsters, oysters, tuna, redfish, mackerel, scallops, herring, eels, crabs and clams, etc.

offer enough scope for engagement.Lodging:
Prince Edward Island vacation rentals can broadly be classified into two categories ? the Hotels and Inns and the Prince Edward Island real estate property. Prince Edward Island is well organized in every tourism sector. Quite naturally, the Hotels and Inns (mostly renovated old buildings) extend perfect hospitality and make your stay a lifetime experience.Houses, chalets, cabins and cottages are also on offer as part of Prince Edward Island vacation rentals ? dream properties for summer or winter vacations. Though most of these are vacation rentals, Prince Edward Island real estate properties can also be bought.

The picturesque settings of these vacation rentals and the hordes of facilities they provide make them very much sought-after. So, if you come to develop an attachment with any of these properties, acquire it.

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By: Doug Fowler

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