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Hitchhikers Guide to the Earth

Hitchhiking is a way of traveling when you are short of money or just want to experience an adventure you will never get when traveling with comfort. Both these causes lead to one result ? you come on the road and try to catch a car. Some hitchhikers know the exact point where they want to turn out to be, but some never know where and when their trip will finish.

Some piece of advice before you begin your trip.1) If you know your destination point, you'd better to think over your route not to find yourself far away from the desired city.
2) Be extra careful, because the hitchhiking is always a risk. Take you mobile and try to be in touch with your friends or relatives (if connection allows, of course).
3) Be careful with your money ? don't store all them in one place.
4) Don't take too much luggage ? you'll be tired very soon.

5) Take all you may need ? if your route passes far from the cities you may have no chance to by all the necessary things.
6) When you travel alone the risk increases twice ? so, may be it's better to have a fellow traveler. There are a lot clubs and communities of hitchhikers (for example, in Internet) where you not only can find a fellow traveler but also receive a useful advise.
.What attracts people in hitchhiking is the feeling of freedom and the opportunity to have the real adventure.

It's a challenge in some way and some people like to accept it. Some hitchhikers like to have a chance to meet new people and to make friends.Of course, sometimes such meetings are not exiting at all ? the boring drivers desiring to describe you their whole lives is the least of the problems. Everybody knows the proverb ? don't talk to the strangers.

It has sense because some of them are really dangerous. If you are locked up in a car with such a person, the best thing is to use your gas spray can and to clear out of the car. So, don't forget to include your aerosol in list of the necessary things.Although the hitchhiking is supposed to be free of charge, be ready to pay sometimes.

May be the only driver going in your direction will not intend to pick up you for free.Speaking about the best routs for hitchhiking ? it's Europe and the United States. The reason? The highways are better, the traffic is intensive and you surely get to the point in a short time. And, again, no borders, no extra visa, no problems with the customs. It's all true, but if you want the real challenge you can go to some wild part of Asia or Africa. It will be difficult to catch a car (just because they are not widespread there) and if don't know the language it will be hard to explain what you want.

However when you reach your destination you will feel yourself a hero, or at least, a brave traveler seeking for the unknown places.As for where to stay for the night ? the real hitchhiker tries not to stay in the hotels of even in campings. He or she would prefer to stay on the nature or the house of the local inhabitant.

Now the hitchhiking has become some kind of sport ? and there are some competitions in this field. The aim is to achieve some point in the shortest time and not to pay for it. On TV there are even some shows, devoting to hitchhiking. Its popularity increases.

Why? The suggestion is that people are fed up with their comfortable lives and like to feel the adrenaline and to participate in an adventure. As far as the West concerned, it's true, but as it was said in the beginning, some choose this way of traveling just because they have no money.

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By: Elena Reboni

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