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Cork The Rebel City

Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and the principal city of the province of Munster. The city has a population of 123,000 inhabitants and is located on the banks of the River Lee in the south of the country. Cork harbour is recognized as one of the best natural harbours in Europe: the first yachting club in the world was founded here in 1720. The old town of Cork is centred on an island on the River Lee, and the city was most likely founded around a monastic site in the 7th century.The city's name derives from the Irish word 'corcach', meaning 'marshy place'.

This is in reference to its being originally founded on a group of islands on the River Lee. Cork has a strong history of rebellion against the British and was particularly active during the War of Independence in the early 1920s. The city lost a number of buildings due to arson attacks by the British army in retaliation for an ambush on a British convoy. This has contributed to Cork been given the nickname 'the Rebel County'.Patrick's Street is the main thoroughfare which runs through the heart of the city, with Oliver Plunkett Street running almost parallel to it. Both of these streets and the alleyways and lanes that link them comprise of the busy downtown core.

Here you will find a vast array of shops, pubs and restaurants. West of this is the English Market, where a number of international and local culinary delicacies can be found. Cork has a reputation for being the culinary capital of Ireland, being home to some of the best restaurants to be found anywhere in the country.Some places of interest for the visitor would include: Shandon Church ? the tower and bells of which are symbols of the city, the award winning Lewis Gluckman Gallery situated within the grounds of University College Cork, the Cork Vision Centre, St Finbarr's Cathedral, Elizabeth Fort, and Cork City Gaol.


Ronan Menton is the webmaster for a number of travel related websites and has been for some time in Ireland, associated with search engine optimisation in the Irish travel industry. He spends two months a year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and now sees it as his second home. Among the many sites he is currently working on are the following: hotels in Cork and hotels in Cannes.

By: Ronan Menton

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